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Friday, March 4th, 2005
10:02 pm

I'm pretty good at running things on my own, but I could probably use a little help every now and then!!! If you would like to be a Moderator, I am now accepting 3 new mods.

Not just anyone can be a mod, you have to be responsible and I have to trust you. So if you're interested, please comment here. I'll check you out and get back to you. As should be expected, the better I know you, the more likely you'll be to be accepted as a mod. But I'll consider out anyone who's interested, so don't fret ^_^ If you think you could be a mod, don't hesitate to reply!!


I'm currently in need of a good banner maker to make custom banners for each winner of each week's contest! I'm no good at making banners, so please don't make me do it ;___; If you're interested, give me examples of your previously made banners, or, if you haven't actually made banners for an icontest before, please show me several examples of what you can do, computer graphics-wise.

You don't really have to be fabulous though, so once again, I'll consider anyone who's interested ^_^


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9:55 pm
Suggestions and requests!!
Have a character that you'd really love to have as a contest theme? Reply here and tell me!!! I'll put your character on the waiting list and I guarantee it WILL be used at some point ^_^ You'll be credited with the idea when it is used.

If no other characters are on the waiting list, I'll just go and pick one out myself ^^;

Common characters such as Naruto and InuYasha are fine, but some less popular ones every now and then would be nice ^^ But, of course, we're going to start out with the more popular characters so we can get more participants!


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9:53 pm
Permission to reveal your identity?
Please reply here and tell me if it is alright for me to reveal your identity if someone asks about an icon you have created.


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9:50 pm
If you have a community related to icons, icontests, anime, manga, video games, or Japanese culture in general, we would LOVE to affiliate with you!!! Post here if you're interested and we will post your community under our affiliates section in the main User Info page.

Thanks!! ^__^

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9:46 pm
Welcome to the new Icontest Community, CharAIcontest!! ^__^ Thanks so much for checking it out and I hope that you will like to participate in future contests!! For now, until we get at least 10 members, I will not start our first contest yet.

Please help us get new members by ADVERTISING/PLUGGING THIS COMMUNITY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!! ^__^ I will love you forever <3

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please comment here!! Comments on this post are unscreened (normal contest entry and voting posts will be screened of course).

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